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Product: 4GB 2.8 MP3 Player

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8GB 2.8 MP3 Player

Editors Quick Review

Kubik Edge II

The Kubik Edge II is the affordable answer to the iTouch from Apple. At a quarter of the price, however, you will find that it is much easier on the purse than other similar product types. The Kubik Edge II, as the name suggests, is the second version of this product, and there have been some upgrades that addresses some of the previous issues that original Kubik Edge users observed.

One of the biggest complaints about the Kubik Edge was how unresponsive the touch screen was. This, however is addressed in the Kubik Edge II. While there is still a little lag when using the touch screen it is far more sensitive to touch and has less misses as a result.

An issue that continues to exist (and that may not be an issue for many people) is the memory capacity. The internal memory max is 8GB and the maximum expansion is an additional 4GB (Mini SD) See Below for a maximum of 12GB RAM. Again, this may or may not be an issue for some people, depending on what they want to use their Kubik Edge II and how much space.

Some of the great aspects of the Kubik Edge IIare the crystal clear sound, Its nice 320X240 Pixels Screen where you can watch all your movies without squinting your eyes, Its 12-month manufacturer warranty, You Tube conversion without the need of any special software, plays WMA and MP3 files, memory expansion, Windows 2000/XP/Media/Vista/7.0 Compatible, camera and video recording, web cam feature and more.

Some of the things that can use improvement are things like the only 2 megapixel camera, the headphones act as your radio antenna, which means that you cannot listen to the radio without these exact headphones and there is no method for separating file types to allow for quick access.


Overall, the Kubik Edge II offers a great alternative to much more expensive options. While it isn’t the same as an Apple product, at about £46.99, you will find that this is a much more affordable option. If you love your Kubik Edge, you will love this upgrade, it address some of your most important concerns, making it a better product for you to use and make a excellent Christmas Gift.

Today`s Buying Tips

Creative labs ep 630 headphonesjpg Looking for more bass in your music without attempting to put the volume on max?

Make sure purchase the Great New Creative Labs EP-630/A Earphones See Here with your Kubik Edge II player , Fantastic Sound quality with an outstanding bass line that really gives that extra punch when playing back your favorite music tracks .

Need More space? Get the micro SDHC to SD/mini SD adapter to expand the MP3 Player to another 4GB with a Kingston – Flash memory card

A must have to protect your MP3 Player from unexpected drops and scratches.

As the device ships with a small felt case which we thought was not very good all, Kubik Edge has now made a Genuine Leather Case for both models that you can purchased here Kubik Edge Genuine Leather Case to protect your devices life span.

Purchase All 4 for Only £51.37

Kubik Edge II 4GB 2.8″ Touch Screen MP3 & Video Player with Built-in Camera & YouTube Player £39.99
Genuine Leather Case for Kubik Edge 4GB/8GB MP3 & Video Player – Edge £2.99
Sandisk Micro SD 4096Mb Memory Card Only microSD 4GB £2.45
Mains lead for Kubik Edge II Wall Charger £5.99

Users Comments

Unbelievable Value!

Kubik Edge II 8GB 2.8" Touch Screen MP3 & Video Player with Built-in Camera & YouTube Player
This is a fantastic little gadget, utterly versatile and a perfect travel companion.
It might not be as flashy as something by Apple, but it does a whole lot more, for a whole lot less!
I’ve added a 4gb mini SD card to expand the memory to 12gb and I’ve got about 45 movies, 800 songs, all
my photo’s and a book’s worth of text doc’s. Also a great calculator, stop watch and FM radio with excellent sound quality.

If you are thinking about buying one, just do it, you wont be disappointed.

Fantastic Media Player!!!

I brought this as i was looking for an MP3 player with a camera for my daughter. Even though every phone has this I could not find a device to do this (Nano does not take stills and is over priced)

In summary this is a good little device which is simple and very good value. Very good little media device for films

PRO: this plugs straight into USB for charging and data, no mucking about with software. It is easy to use (although the menu can be strange) and having camera,video,video record, speaker and ebooks on one device is excellent.
After a couple of weeks heavy use it is holding up well and seems well made. 8GB memory is generous.


Kubic Digital Website


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